The SISCOM (Smart Services for Information Systems and Communication Networks) research group focuses on the development of technologies to provide intelligent services for information services and communication networks. More specifically, the interests of the group are mainly focused on two areas:

1. Communication networks: We work on wireless networks, either with infrastructure or ad hoc and mesh, including vehicular and mesh networks. We design algorithms and AI-based models to improve their performance. Also, routing protocols are designed and evaluated to guarantee the quality of service required to support intelligent services. We also design proposals to improve urban mobility and to promote sustainable and active urban mobility.

2. Security and privacy of the information: We work on the development of information protection techniques, especially on the anonymization of databases to protect users' privacy when these data are to be published or shared with third parties. These techniques allow us to protect communications and personal information in data analysis processes. Also, we design privacy techniques for urban trajectories.


Application examples: Anonymization of medical databases, protection of user privacy in Web browsing, electronic voting, communication in wireless networks with/without infrastructure (vehicular networks, mesh networks, mobile adhoc networks), design of efficient routing protocols for wireless infrastructureless networks, personal networks, machine learning algorithms (smart services for electrical vehicles, routing protocols, quality of service, among others).

Social impact: Health sector, administration, electric operators, smart grid, telecommunications service operators, smart city services, electrical vehicle, charging stations, urban mobility.

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